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My Journey

My Journey

Hi everyoncropped-17498657_1340651909360029_7478109614660603618_n1.jpge! Hope your start to the weekend has been as lovely as mine! Spending time with my boyfriend and shopping with my mum. What more could a family-oriented girl want? I’m here to talk about beauty and life. My two favourite things in the world.

I am a makeup freak, open my drawers and indulge in my cupboards and you’ve entered a makeup and skincare store. (Nothings for sale though sorry!) Come on though, what girl isn’t makeup obsessed. Give her a lipstick, good set of brows, long lashes and a perfect base and she’s good to go. Isn’t it all about the glow though, contour and highlight are a girls best friend right? Tell me in the comments below whats your favourite beauty product.

Even though I’m here to talk about beauty and life, I’m here to inspire you. I want to help build women’s confidence. Beauty is from the inside and out and we all need a reminder of that now and then. I started off with little self confidence or self esteem whatsoever. I went to university, joined a health and wellness company and within that time I am so much more confident. You just need that support and motivation from someone who understands and has been through it themselves. You need support from your loved ones too. Everyone has their bad days, but hey they don’t rule you. Pick yourself up and move on. If you let them rule you, you won’t be able to succeed. You need to believe in yourself, achieve what you want and imagine your already there. So many times I’ve gone to write this blog and it hasn’t happened, but now I’m more confident I took the risk.

So I’m here to talk about beauty and I’m here to talk about what I get up to. I hope you enjoy my journey and join it with me.

Thanks for reading!

Sophie Joan x


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