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I’m back!

I’m back!

Hello! I am finally back after two months off of blogging. It was 100% well needed, I needed time to myself and to get my university work done ready for deadlines, which are this week coming ah! It’s also coming up to Christmas and although I’m not taking part in Blogmas doesn’t mean I don’t love Christmas. Trust me I was eager to get the Christmas decorations up in my student house, much to my housemates disgust aha. Anyway, in today’s post I wanted to share with you what I’ve been up to and where I am going with my blogging. Hope you all enjoy.

So, for all of you that are new to my blog I study Photography at the University of Portsmouth and deadlines have been crazy. Stress is a word that just falls in to my vocabulary now, it’s a joke. I love university don’t get me wrong, I’ve met the most amazing people, including my boyfriend and I’ve learnt many things that have helped me get to where I am now. However, stressing this much is not okay, how come we pay £9000 for this much stress, we are mad! I applaud anyone who still blogs, has a job and does school/college/uni. I literally worship your motivation and commitment. Seeing so many people blogging though has truly made me motivated to get back in to it, I’ve even done a new theme so let me know below in the comments what you think of my new site. Not only have I been doing deadlines, but I’ve also been doing my own personal work to practice more with location and studio shooting. I’ve met some amazing models to work with and my photography and confidence has improved so much.


For part of my course we have the decision to do a placement year and my god I didn’t know it would be this difficult to find one. Photography is literally the hardest industry to get in to and because of money I seriously need a paid work placement in order to live in London. Money is a massive issue for students, it seriously baffles me how student loans are based on your parents income. Some parents may have a high income but may not be able to afford to pay for their son/daughters uni fees for whatever reason it really doesn’t matter and vice versa. It angers me how many people I know that struggle living at University because of money. Anyway, I’m going off on a rant haha. This is also a reason I have been taking a break from blogging because of trying to find a placement and balancing it with uni work. I also have to decide where to live next year, but of course I won’t know that until I have found a placement. You see my problem, major stress ah.


I’ve also been focusing on myself, I really needed time away from social media and the anxiety of how many people would read my blog and like what I write was getting too much. I had to re-evaluate what I wanted to do in life and in blogging. I’ve realised now in blogging and definitely in life that I shouldn’t care what others around think of me or what I do. Of course I knew this but my mind at the time was telling me otherwise. Anxiety is not a nice thing to have, your mind becomes your worst enemy. I will not lie, I still have bad days, we all do, but its good to have bad days because we learn from them and although its horrible, we learn a lot from bad experiences.

Coming up in my blog, I’ve had a few things sent to me by some lovely people who I will certainly be writing about. Also keep a look out on my Instagram for visuals and videos of the stuff I love and the stuff that is sent to me. I also want to include more about my Photography as that is a massive part of my life. I also want to include more about personal topics to me so my readers can get to know me more as a person. I’m more than just a beauty addict guys haha. Let me know down below, what you guys have been up to and if there’s any certain topics you want me to write about.

Love you all and thank you for the continuous support,

Sophie Joan x

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