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Behind the Screen of Maisie Newman

Behind the Screen of Maisie Newman

Hello my lovelies, I hope you are having an amazing summer no matter where or what you are doing. I’ve mostly been working but its all because I NEED the money. I’m moving in to my new flat with my boyfriend on the 22nd July and I’m so excited!! Anyway…today I’m talking to the girl who is Maisie Newman, a 19-year-old (soon to be 20), from South Wales. She is studying Fashion Promotion at the University of South Wales and has just finished her first year. Maisie is currently unemployed and is finding it highly difficult to get employment, however she is doing a bit of volunteering at an Age UK charity shop. Maisie talks about how the gym helps her physical and mental health and how self-doubt is her least favourite thing about blogging.

What you were doing before blogging and how did you get into it?

Honestly? Not a lot! As I previously stated I am unemployed. I have worked at a gym and taught gym classes and worked at reception, however my anxiety got too much and I decided to leave that job. I started really getting into fashion into more depth during my university course. This then opened my eyes to the great world of fashion and what better way to start than a fashion blog? I started as I  was approached by Ola Johnson, you may know her. She’s a fellow fashion blogger and I was instantly inspired by her and thought to myself ‘that’s where I want to be, I want to do what she’s doing’ and that’s where I started!

What’s the best thing you’ve done so far within your blog?

I’m still very new to the blogging world and I haven’t had the chance yet to get out some of the more personal posts. However I’d say the best post I’ve done so far is my vintage fashion haul. You see so many girls buying outfit after outfit from brands, which is great but I think sustainable fashion is so important to our environment and also in my opinion adds character to clothing. I really want to spread the message of sustainable fashion, which is why I’m planning more vintage clothing posts and charity shop finds.

As I previously said my future posts, I do hope will be more personal, I just feel it’s too soon at the moment. I will be talking more about anxiety, addiction, acne and Trichotillomania, topics I hold close to heart.

Who is your biggest influence? 

I couldn’t name just one! Everyone is absolutely fabulous!

Ola Johnson as I mentioned previously has to be one of my biggest influencers as she’s the reason I started my blog and the reason for my profile today. She pushes me to be better, she’s really killing the game right now.

In all honesty I’m influenced and inspired by anyone who’s out there doing them and being proud. Anyone who’s undergone a career in something they’re passionate about, someone with real drive in what they do. I love someone who has a story to tell.

Best advice you’ve ever been given?

To have confidence in myself. Something I’ve had a problem with ever since I was young. I was the child at the disco that was too afraid to dance! Throughout school and college I was always told to believe in my ability and that with confidence I can achieve so much greater. It’s still something I’m working on but I can proudly say that my confidence has improved so much this past year, university and blogging is to thank for that.

What do you do in your spare time?

Now I have 5 months off for summer I have a lot of spare time!!

I’m currently going to the gym 3-4 times a week. I’ve always been into fitness ever since I was young, I was always part of sports teams and swam competitively for years. The gym is amazing for both my physical and mental health and I couldn’t be without it.

Shopping is another big hobby of mine..oops! I’m always out shopping with friends.

I love socialising with friends and my boyfriend and never go a long time without seeing them. I have a few close friends and it’s so important to keep them close. I’m lucky to have surrounded myself with the most positive people.

What is your favourite and least favourite part about blogging?

My favourite is the interaction, I love interacting with fellow bloggers and having that mutual connection. I wouldn’t have met so many people if it wasn’t for blogging, it’s such a great platform to meet others and help each other grow. I love being able to share thoughts with everyone and getting a response is an amazing feeling and really means a lot.

My least favourite thing is self-doubt and obsession. It’s so easy as a blogger to spend so much time staring at the screen constantly. I’m on my phone most of the day which isn’t healthy for my self-esteem, it’s an issue I have to deal with. I find myself comparing to other bloggers, seeing others with more likes/followers and looking at myself and thinking ‘what’s wrong with me?’ ‘What am I doing wrong’. It’s a pretty damaging positions. I feel more good than I do bad about blogging of course but this is a factor that have found to be challenging. But on the other hand it does push me to do better.

Favourite beauty brands?

I’m not highly into beauty, I try to be..but I’d say I have an average knowledge.

Morphe – The best affordable palettes on the market! Pretty much all I use on my eyes and they’re perfect. Highly pigmented and you get so many shades for a low price.

NYX – Any NYX lip product is a winner in my eyes! I often find matte lip products to be drying but I’ve never found that with NYX products.

What’s a typical day in your life? 

Pretty plain Jane if I’m honest with you, I’m not going to try to glamorise it. I think it’s so important that we stay real and paint the real picture. I look at so many people and think ‘why isn’t my life like theirs?’ but at the end of be day, you’re seeing a tiny part of their life.

So my day:

9am is probably the average time I’d wake up (not an early riser)

10-11am – gym, I love starting the day at the gym. It puts me in a positive mood and it’s a great feeling knowing that you’ve gotten it out of the way.

12pm – content planning, building my profile, watching YouTube. The afternoon is highly social media orientated. This is where I’ll catch up on posts, plan content and try to broaden my reach. I also love to watch YouTube, that’s usually what I’m doing with any free time! My current favourites are Patricia Bright, Shane. Zoella and Heidi Somers.

2pm – this is when I’d usually go and volunteer at Age UK! I usually volunteer 2-5pm and I absolutely love it! I love working with clothing, I love stock arrangement which involves sorting through donations and I also love working on the tills, engaging with customers.

5pm+ – usually my wind down time. My boyfriend gets home from work at around 6pm so I typically like to spend my evenings with him watching our favourite shows and films. Our current favourites are Hells Kitchen and Louis Theroux.

What one product couldn’t you live without?

Omg only one? GIRL!! You’re talking to the girl who hasn’t left her house without makeup on since she was 13!!

Umm I honestly think I’d have to say eyeliner. I’ve suffered with Trichotillomania for as long as I can remember. Trichotillomania is a hair pulling disorder, I have a mental disorder where I have an addiction to pulling my eyelashes out. It’s not something I’m too comfortable talking about in great detail at the moment, but in the future I plan to talk more about it. Anyway! I would pick eyeliner as it’s been my saviour over the years as it adds darkness and dimension to my eyes and people often don’t notice my lack of eyelashes when I have it on.

Girl, I’m sorry I had to do that to you! Truly remarkable and so brave.

Three words to describe you?

Sarcastic, supportive, Sentimental

How would you describe your personal style? 

I love mixing vintage pieces with current trends. I mix the two as it’s so important to shop ethically and to keep fashion sustainable but at the same time as someone who wants to be in the fashion industry you have to know your trends. It’s important to stay true to you and your personality but also to keep with the times.

Drug store or high-end gal?

Mind says high-end, appearance says drug store! As much as I’d love to live the boujee life, I haven’t got the coin!

I feel you girl! We are all in the same boat here, well some haha.

Best advice to bloggers?

Never give up and always stay true to yourself. Never question your intentions, never let others opinions drag you down, never change your style to suit anyone else’s. Stand out and be you, that’s the most cliche but best advice I can give. Find your target market, find your passion and give it all you’ve got!

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Thanks for reading my lovelies, tune in tomorrow for my interview with Shayla Sheriee.

Sophie Joan x

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