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Behind the Screen of Lylia Rose

Behind the Screen of Lylia Rose

Today we have the honour of talking to full-time blogger and busy mum of two Victoria, who is 32 years old and is from Gloucestershire. She works from home, where she lives with her husband Ben and their two children, Bella who’s nearly six and Reuben who is three years old. Victoria has blogged for five years at Lylia Rose and started her second blog Healthy Vix this year. Aside from blogging, her biggest passion is healthy living and follows a plant-based diet. Victoria talks about how if it wasn’t for her children she would have never found her passion for blogging and how she loves the gym when she has the time.

What were you doing before blogging and how did you get in to it?

Originally I worked at Superdry head office. I’d been there nine years, before Superdry even began and it was Cult Clothing.  I always thought I’d stay there forever, but once I was on my maternity leave I knew I didn’t want to return to full-time work and wanted to spend more time at home with my daughter.  I knew I had to find another way to generate an income that was more flexible.  I tried hand making cards, jewellery and décor and selling them on Etsy, Facebook and at craft fairs. It took up all of my time and I made very little, so I branched out into being a retailer of jewellery with my own website instead. This website was called Lylia Rose. I needed more content on my website so decided to start the blog to try to get more traffic to my online shop. I ended up falling in love with blogging and my website became a lifestyle blog full of topics I love.  I still have the shop, but it’s not my focus and I now have very few sales as I put all my effort into my blogs.

What’s the best thing you’ve done so far within your blog?

Turning it into a business is the best decision I made.  I did have some part-time jobs since having my children and whilst trying to set up my own business, but I left my last part-time job in May 2017 and made the decision to try to blog full-time.  It was the best decision and I’ve successfully blogged full-time ever since with a steady income.

Who is your biggest influence?

My two children are absolutely my biggest influence.  Without having had children I would probably be in my old job and never have discovered my love for blogging.  They inspire me to work from home so I can have the flexibility to be there for them and fit work around family life.

Best advice you’ve ever been given?

I can’t remember who said it, but I love the quote ‘this too shall pass’.  It’s a great reminder on a day when feeling down about blogging that ‘this too shall pass’.  These feelings will go away.  Tomorrow is another day and next week may be totally different.  It’s a lovely little phrase that can always be applied to a negative situation or feeling.

What do you do in your spare time?

If I’m not blogging, or running around after my children, then I love to go to the gym.  I love to keep fit and healthy.  I also love to research and watch documentaries about plant-based living and vegan diets.  I’m thinking of studying to become a vegan nutritionist, but just need to find more spare time to do this!

What is your favourite and least favourite part about blogging?

I love to write.  It comes naturally to me and I enjoy every second.  The writing is definitely my favourite part.

My least favourite part would have to be all the promoting and admin!  I spend more time promoting myself and doing admin than actually writing.  I feel like it should be the other way round.  I’d love to just write and job done.

Favourite beauty brands?

I love natural beauty and I use Benecos BB cream and concealer daily.  It’s the most affordable natural beauty brand I have found and it does the job.  I’ve also just reviewed Neek vegan lip balm on my Instagram and absolutely love it!  I’ve been wearing it every day since I’ve got it.  It’s cruelty free and comes in a cool bamboo wood style case.  I’m also using Rosehip Plus night cream which makes my skin look so much better in the mornings.

What is a typical day in your life?

Get up and get the children ready and off to school and nursery, then work for six hours from home blogging, doing admin and emails.  Then I’ll pick the kids up and cook a homemade dinner. 2-3 times a week we’ll put the kids into a kids club and go to the gym for one hour after school.  Then after the kids are in bed I’ll often work for 1-2 hours, try to squeeze in some yoga, watch one episode of something with my husband and go to bed!  Monday to Friday this is pretty much the standard routine every day.

What one product wouldn’t you live without?

My iPhone!  I use it for so much to do with blogging.  It means I can blog on the go and access my emails, network, speak to other bloggers, take my photos and so much more.  I’d be lost without my iPhone.

Three words to describe you?

Motivated, healthy, busy.

How would you describe your personal style?

Casual, comfy and relaxed!

Drugstore or high-end gal?

Drugstore – though also health stores and natural beauty stores, so these are kind of mid-range usually!

Best advice to bloggers.

As much as you can, ignore other people’s opinions and write about what makes you happy.  There’s so much advice out there, but at the end of the day it’s your blog and you can do what you want with it!  The most important thing is you are happy with it.

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Thanks for reading my lovelies, tune in tomorrow for my interview with Kate loves travel.

Sophie Joan x

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