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Behind the Screen of Leah (Devotedtopink)

Behind the Screen of Leah (Devotedtopink)

What were you doing before blogging and how did you get in to it?

Before I got into blogging I was Head of Marketing for a travel company. I now have my own marketing consultancy business, so blogging is still only a “part time” job for me. I used to read a lot of blogs before buying products to check out the reviews . After reading them for a while and seeing that they were being written by average girls just like me, I thought “I can do this”, so that’s what I did. Set up a Blogger account and the rest is history!

Whats the best thing you’ve done so far within your blog?

There are so many things that spring to mind here, but I would have to say my best moment that will probably be with me until the day I die was modelling for L’Oreal’s Matte Addiction lipstick campaign! I modelled shade 346 and it was so crazy to get messages from people saying they were buying “my shade”. Seriously, I can’t get over it!

Who is your biggest influence? 

My biggest influence from a work perspective has to be my Dad. He was a very successful businessman before he retired and I really look up to him. I think he’s really influenced my ambitious nature – that and my expensive taste! haha

Best advice you’ve ever been given?

Always be grateful – for everything – the big, the small and the every day. If you are grateful it will make you so much happier.

What do you do in your spare time?

What is spare time..?

Favourite beauty brands?

Anastasia Beverley Hill as they do the best eye shadows I’ve ever tried!! Seriously every one needs to try them.  By Terry for high quality makeup and Antipodes and Fresh for skincare.

What is a typical day in your life?

My days will seem pretty boring I’m afraid… Lots of meetings, phone calls and decisions to be made. Fuelled by coffee during the day and wine in the evening. Throw in the gym a few times a week and working late most nights and that’s it….. My life used to be a bit more exciting of seeing friends and blogging events but not so much anymore!

What one product couldn’t you live without? 

Can I say my phone…? It’s glued to me and I don’t know what I would do without it!

Three words to describe you?

I would say I’m an honest, independent and driven

How would you describe your personal style?

I would like to think of my style as classy and glamorous with a trendy twist to it!

Drugstore or high end gal?

Always high end – but I think you would have guessed that

Best advice to bloggers.

If you want longevity in this game don’t take paid jobs just for the money!

Instagram: devotedtopink

Thanks for reading my lovelies, tune in tomorrow for another interview.

Sophie Joan x

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