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Behind the Screen of Kaye Ford

Behind the Screen of Kaye Ford

Hello my lovelies, I hope you’ve been enjoying the Behind the Screen series so far. Today we are talking to the amazing Kaye Ford (@fordtography). Kaye is 28 years old and lives in Watford in Hertfordshire. She is a freelance fashion photographer and most often shoots fashion content for influencers and brands. Kaye talks about how phone camera quality will never compare to cameras and how she had the pleasure of photographing the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

What were you doing before photography and how did you get in to it?

All of my jobs have had something to do with photography. Before going freelance I was selling photography equipment to universities and the police forces, and before that I was working for Canon UK as part of their field sales team. I got into photography as I was always an arty person and my school started offering photography as an A level when I joined A Levels so I took it and loved it!

What’s the best thing you’ve done so far within your photography?

There’s a couple of things. One was I shot Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge and then that image went everyyywwwhhheeerreeee. And the other was I got thrown into the deep end shooting a magazine cover and editorial and then seeing it in actual print!

Wow that’s amazing, that must have been such a surreal moment!

Who is your biggest influence?

Tim Walker is the photographer I have adored since I got into fashion and enjoying photography. Rankin is another when I use the studio and he’s from a town local to me so I have a bit of a soft spot for him and his work. These guys are what I would call big shots and they have influenced me since day one. But since evolving my work and my career I love and get influenced by female photographers who are smashing it. A lot seem to be American at the moment because they are doing shoots in the desert that I WISH I could be doing.

Best advice you’ve ever been given?

To never stop creating and it is now the advice I give to a lot of people. I never stop taking photos, even if it is stuff on my phone.

Would you say phones are overtaking cameras or trying to in terms of technology?

They are trying to but bloody hell I hate phones for photos. I only ever use my phone for stupid snaps to send to friends etc or for Instagram stories. I NEVER use it for professional client work. It can’t beat a camera in my eyes ever. You can’t shoot huge billboards on a phone. iPhone tube advertisements even admit that processing has been done to them.

What do you do in your spare time?

 I honestly don’t get much spare time. I wish I could go to a yoga class but I never get the time. Any spare time I do have is obviously spent with friends, family, and the boyfriend.

What is your favourite and least favourite part about photography?

 Some people seem to make it very competitive and ugly. And there is a lot of undercutting involved. This whole “oh I’ll do it cheaper than so-and-so” is really ugly and also snakey. We need less of this. We need less of this in any industry to be honest. It’s toxic and almost reeks of jealousy.

My most favourite part though is just going out there and being creative. Meeting new people. I wouldn’t change my job for the world.

What is a typical day in your life?

I don’t have a typical day. Every day is literally different. Some days I won’t get out of my pj’s or bed and I’ll be answering emails and editing photos in bed. Some days I’ll be rushing around London doing 4 shoots a day. Some days I’ll be shipped abroad to work. No day is ever the same and I love it as I hate routine.

Three words to describe you

 Friendly, #FastFoodFordtography, Wizard

How would you describe your personal photography style?

 Cool. I see a lot of warm tones on IG at the moment and mine is the opposite. I favour blues. I then also try to get the best out of a person when photographing them to get personality and atmosphere within the photograph.

From your point of view, what makes a good photograph?

 Composition. You need good composition otherwise an image falls flat for me. It’s not about the gear etc, it’s about having the eye for a visually pleasing photograph.

What camera do you use?

 Canon EOS 5DMKIV and I have a Canon EOS 6D as my backup camera also.

What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started?

That it takes some SERIOUS hard work. That it wouldn’t just fall into your lap. But that I would get there some day and be able to call myself a professional and have people take me seriously.

Website: Photography Web

Blog: KLF

Instagram: Kaye Ford








Thanks for reading my lovelies, tune in tomorrow for my interview with Sophie Hearts.


Sophie Joan x

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