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Behind the Screen of Caitlin Chambers

Behind the Screen of Caitlin Chambers

Hello my lovelies, happy Thursday! My first day off work since Saturday, so its time to relax. So much fun being in the real world haha. Today I talk to the lovely Caitlin, who is 25 and lives in Norfolk, UK. Caitlin talks about how copying bloggers has become a concern in the community and how her most popular bog post was about her beloved dog.

What were you doing before blogging and how did you get in to it? 

I was just crazily addicted to makeup & beauty boxes. I started taking photos for Instagram & was getting asked about the products so thought why not actually write about them properly.

What’s the best thing you’ve done so far within your blog?

This is a hard one. I think my most popular blog posts are about my dog who sadly passed away a few months ago & the other was about me moving out.

I’m sorry to hear that.

What do you do in your spare time?

I like to keep fit so I do go to the gym a few times a week. But other than that I’m a beauty fanatic so I’m usually doing my hair or makeup.

What is your favourite and least favourite part about blogging?

My favourite part is meeting loads of new people & literally getting along so well. I actually started a WhatsApp group a few weeks ago & it’s so nice. Some people are from the UK, others are from Cyprus or Mexico!

My least favourite has to be the few people who copy other bloggers. It’s never an option to me but if you aren’t writing because you love it then why are you trying to blog?

Drugstore or high-end gal?

For sure drugstore on most things! But I do have a few things that I might class as high-end. It’s one of those things where high-end might be different to other people.

Best advice to bloggers.

Just enjoy what you write & be you!

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Thanks for reading my lovelies, tune in tomorrow for my interview with Sarah Albertine, the commissioning editor of Blogosphere magazine.

Sophie Joan x

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  1. June 21, 2018 / 10:37 am

    Thanks for featuring me beautiful! I had a fab time collaborating with you.

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