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Behind the Screen of Beth Costin

Behind the Screen of Beth Costin

Hello my lovelies, so sadly this is the last interview of this series. There will be another series but until than I’ll be back to lifestyle and beauty posts. I’ve enjoyed my time getting to know more amazing people in this creative industry, but I’m also excited to go back to beauty. So there’s no one better to finish our series, then beauty blogger Beth Costin who lives in Weston-super-Mare and currently works for a charity (Royal British Legion), but she loves playing with and reviewing makeup in her spare time. Beth talks about how she’s a drugstore girl through and through and how she can’t live without her eyeliner.

What were you doing before blogging?

Before I started my Instagram I was studying art in college, and through that I found a love for body painting after watching MadeYewLook on YouTube. Through watching her videos I found other beauty bloggers and developed a passion for the community, and ended up wanting to start my own channel, but I decided to start with Instagram to get myself into it.

Who’s your biggest influence?

I have been influenced by many well-known beauty bloggers for various different reasons; the first blogger I really started watching and following makeup trends from was Kristen Leanne, she owned it and is never afraid to speak her mind. However my interest was grown from watching Kathleenlights and Glam and Gore, although since doing Instagram I found that I’m also influenced not just by well-known bloggers but the lesser known too, they all have such passion.

Best advice you’ve ever been given?

The best advice I’ve been given and that I still follow, is to always do what you love and what makes you happy, and never feel like you have to follow the trends to get where you want to be.

Your favourite part about blogging?

My favorite part about blogging is the community, there is so much passion, love and friendship and from what I’ve seen, everyone wants to support and help everybody else.

Favourite beauty brands?

I have a lot of favourite brands for both makeup and skincare, but if I had to choose my holy grails it would have to be Colourpop, Revolution Beauty and for skincare it would have to be Holika Holika.

One product you couldn’t live without?

One product I couldn’t live without would have to be eyeliner, no matter what brand. Winged eyeliner was the first thing in makeup that I fell in love with and even now I don’t feel right without it.

Drugstore or high-end gal?

I am definitely a drugstore gal, partly because most of the time I can’t justify spending so much something when I can get something just as good for an affordable price. Not just that but I prefer to review affordable makeup so that everyone can find beauty products they love and that works for them.

Best advice to bloggers?

My best advice would be similar to the advice that I follow; do what you love. Not just that but there are a lot of factors in blogging that can really get to people in a negative way, and to really enjoy what you’re doing and put your passion into it, you have to find a way to accept that there will always be obstacles but at the same time remember that no matter what, there will always be people to support you and help you achieve your dreams.

Instagram: messy_face

Thanks for reading my lovelies, I really hope you’ve enjoyed this series. The engagement has been unbelievable so I thank you for the continuous support. Tune in tomorrow to find out what my current beauty favourites are at the moment.

Sophie Joan x

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