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Behind the Screen of BecauseGirls

Behind the Screen of BecauseGirls

Hello my lovelies, I can’t believe this is the tenth episode of Behind the Screens. Where has the time gone?! Today I’m talking to Amanda Marie Bateson, of Norwegian descent. Her grandmother is almost 100% Norwegian and she thanks that side of the family for her long blonde hair, skin that tans, and green eyes. Amanda is 25 years old and currently resides in Tempe Arizona, right outside of Phoenix. Amanda talks about how she used to hate writing and how now creative block is her worst nightmare!

What were you doing before blogging and how did you get in to it?

I was working at my process engineer job that I got straight out of college. Believe it or not, I live with four boys, one of them being my boyfriend. When we first started living together 3 years ago, my roommate started an e-commerce t-shirt company called BecauseThreads. If you’re familiar with my blog, you might have caught the drift that we’ve transitioned into BecauseGirls since then. For some reason, he decided we needed a blog and that it would help drive traffic to the online store. Being the only girl in the household, I was the most determined to try to blow up our blog. (is that sexist?) At first, I approached it very casually, trying to be funny. But as I started diving more into the blogging community, I saw the potential and the amount of amazing women in the field and really started taking my own approach. Not really connecting my blogging to our online store, even though we still associate the blog with the apparel. (It’s really cute by the way!) and I’ve designed all of our newer collections. I’ve been blogging for over a year now.

What’s the best thing you’ve done so far within your blog?

The best thing? Probably just being exposed to the blogging community. I’ve only had one guest post and it was for a smaller brand, so not much return. But it really has been a personal experience and getting to know more of myself through the process. Also getting over the fact that I sucked at writing in college and high school. That’s why I went into science and math because I sucked at writing. Essays were like torture to me. So I find it funny that I’ve now found joy in writing. I think it helps that writing a blog you don’t have to be so formal. It’s easier to get your thoughts across to another person and share value. That’s my main goal. #impact

Who is your biggest influence?

Tough question. My biggest influence has to be Gerard Adams and my favourite girl DJ, Sam Blacky. Both of them don’t really have any relation to blogging. Gerard has a great YouTube Series called Leaders Create Leaders (watch it if you haven’t). He has an episode where he talks about people getting discouraged by competition. But he goes to say that, there are so many people in this world and so many opportunities, that the world needs more messengers. So, I could be translating Gerard’s message but to a different audience who reaches me but doesn’t reach him, and still be able to influence another population of people. That really instilled in me to keep going and that someone somewhere can be impacted by me and that I do have the power to do that.

Also with Sam Blacky. She’s a model and a DJ. I love her free spirit, and just don’t-give-a-fuck mentality. She has zero boobs (small tit gang heyy) and is still killing it in the fashion scene. As well as, showing her vibes with her music. It’s just contagious to me. And I want to be able to show people my energy like that. Because, unfortunately, more than often I see so many people who are down, doubting themselves, suffer from low self-esteem, body image, and just simple mental health. Its way more wide-spread than I ever thought. And if I can help someone with the energy I’ve matured thus far in my life and show the sunshine to someone, even just one person – that would make me so happy.

Best advice you’ve ever been given?

Be yourself. It sounds so simple but it is really hard. We have such a strange evolution of society and communication occurring right before our eyes with social media taking over our lives. We are constantly comparing, judging, looking – and it’s all outwards. Never ever inwards. I think we all need to look more within ourselves and really get connected with what we want and desire as an individual, without any outside influences. When you have that, it really is a breath of release. And be proud of who you are. We can’t please everyone.

Couldn’t agree more girl! Embrace who you are and don’t let anyone change that!

What do you do in your spare time?

Workout, trying to learn how to DJ, spend time with my boyfriend and roommates, I really like walking my roommates dog, Kush. It gives me time outside to just walk and think/reflect about my day. Of course I always love a cocktail with the girls.

What’s your favourite cocktail?

Vodka Martini with two olives (stuffed with blue cheese if available)

What is your favourite and least favourite part about blogging?

Favourite part: When I release a blog and it gets a lot of good engagement and thoughtful comments (YAY!) because I was able to write about something not usually written about. I wrote a blog on Why the Future is Female, and to my surprise, it got a lot of good feedback. I didn’t think it would – but I think because the topic is kind of taboo and people were interested in what I have to say. That’s a feel good feeling for sure.

Least favourite part? Oh my gosh, when I run into a creative block!! Sometimes I just can’t find topics that I’m passionate about writing about. Because I wear my emotions on my skin, in my writing it’s just not as entertaining because I’m not entertained to write about it. Oh and spam comments hahah.

Favourite beauty brands at the moment?

OOooo I love beauty. I use Birch Box. So I’m on the hunt for amazing products. I love Juara Candlenut Body Creme. It smells like a tropical tiki hut on a beach with a cocktail. I don’t know how to describe it. It’s just amazing. I also have just discovered Kiehls lavender midnight face oil and I love putting it on at night – lavender is supposed to help with relaxation and sleep. Random, but I found this product at a CVS. It’s by Cremo, Concentrated Moisturizing Shave Cream in Coconut Mango. Not only does it sound amazing, but in the instructions it say you can shave opposite of the hair growth and you get no irritation (hello Brazilian area). I risked it and it worked (let me tell you, I was scared). It’s my go-to for shaving “down-there” and never gives me issues. For after treatment to prevent razor burn I use Thayers Witch Hazel Aloe Vera Formula in “Rose Petal”. My girlfriend swears by it. Straight out the shower after shaving, put some in a cotton ball and smooth over your Brazilian area and it really helps prevent ingrown hairs or razor burn. For a more expensive product, my favourite skin peel is by Real Chemistry, Luminous 3-minute Peel. It leaves your skin so so soft. Before all my photo shoots, I’ll use this peel and my skin has no imperfections/flakiness as long as no acne kicks in (it still does).

What is a typical day in your life?

Wake up at 6am, drink a cup of water. Brush my teeth, wash my face. Make a cup of my green drink by Kyo Green and I mix some matcha in there. Get dressed, do my make up and go to work. I get there usually by about 8am. I usually have morning meetings until 12. I have breakfast somewhere between there – options usually between: a hard-boiled egg, avocado toast, Starbucks spinach feta wrap, or fruit and a protein bar. After my meetings I spend my afternoon on the floor with my technicians and observing part cleaning processes. Have lunch at about 2pm, my lunches vary drastically depending on the time of the month, to be honest haha. I can be good on salads for a straight week, than sometimes I just gotta have some Jimmy Johns or Panda Express, sorry not sorry. Finish up data analysis, powerpoints, excel worksheets, or process studies and make my way to the gym. Do my Cardio for about 20-30min – my fav is the stair master. Then weights for another 30min or so. I want to start swimming again (played water polo in high school – does that still count?) and just got introduced to the sauna. Yeee sweat that fat off. I love it.

Wow your days are jam-packed! How do you relax?

The sauna is my favourite spot at the moment to reflect on the day and after a good hard workout, or swimming/hot tub time by myself for some good quiet me time. Otherwise writing in my journal or on my computer early in the morning with some coffee is great.

What one product couldn’t you live without?

Conditioner. With my long, dry relatively coarse hair – I cannot survive without conditioner. Without it, I might as well start dreads. No joke. I have no idea why my hair gets so tangled. Like, does anyone else have this issue? I’ve tried natural conditioners and they just are not good at de-tangling. It will take twice as long in the shower to brush that shit out. I don’t got time for that. Loreal Total Repair Conditioner- it’s a lifesaver. Or higher price point, Bed Head by TIGI Reenergize Number 1 (the neon green one). That’s a great shampoo/conditioner combo.

Coconut oil or Argan Oil Hair masks are the best, I have curly hair and mine always gets tangled but I make sure to brush it through before a shower and before bed and when I wake up using a tangle teezer. Honestly you should get one.

Three words to describe you

Ocean. Life. Love.

How would you describe your personal style?

Beachy/Hippe, Bright, Simplistic. I really adore the business professional, bad bitch styles. Like pencil skirts, pumps, and sexy tops. But I just don’t have a lifestyle (YET) to wear that look at. It’s just not ok to wear pumps and a pencil skirt into Walmart to pick up my birth control (real life). Or go to work even – I work with all men and sometimes need to get my hands dirty. I guess I should go out more, then. Haha anyways, white tank top and jean shorts with cute shoes and good make-up. That’s my daily here in Arizona.

Drugstore or high-end gal?

To be honest, lately I’ve been a high-end gal. I’ve been saying to myself I need to go back to drugstore life to save money, but man do I love the fancy products. Not only does it help that I have an income to support it, but I feel like I can tell a difference in quality. Also, I’ve been looking into sustainable/natural beauty products for face and makeup. Usually those products are already a little more expensive. But I feel okay investing in healthy beauty products for the benefit of my body. There’s a lot of chemicals out there (this is coming from a chemical engineer…) and I feel it’s just best to avoid them at all costs if you want to be healthy and thrive in a long life.

Your best advice to bloggers.

I wouldn’t say I’m an expert blogger, however, my advice to new bloggers or rookie bloggers (6 months or less) make sure that your blog site is mobile enabled (for phones), get on twitter get on twitter get on twitter – the blog community is huge and so supportive, it’s great. Remember quality over quantity will win loyal readers. Don’t be afraid to interact/show yourself to your audience. After all, we’re all human and what do we all like? Connections, friendships, conversation. Also, be honest, ask for help. Grow your confidence by publishing those posts. Don’t get beaten down if you’re not getting attention – everything takes time. Do it because you love it.

Such inspiration, no one would even know you used to hate writing, your words are so enjoyable to read.

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Thanks for reading my lovelies, tune in tomorrow for my interview with Sunshine in her Soul Kendra.

Sophie Joan x

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