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You are the Universe Book Review

You are the Universe Book Review

Hello my lovelies, so I did a poll on Instagram and a lot of you wanted to hear about the book that Penguin kindly sent me. I have always loved reading ever since I was little, english was my favourite subject in school and till this day I enjoy it so much. I can even say I’ll enjoy writing my dissertation in third year, but lets review that again when I’m in constant stress and about to have a breakdown haha. Anyway, I am a big fan of fiction books and occasionally enjoy non-fiction, so You are the Universe by Deepak Chopra and Means Kafatos intrigued me. So, let’s get on to the review…

You Are the Universe ‘Discovering Your Cosmic Self and Why It Matters’


How did life first begin? Where did time come from? What is the universe made of? Bestselling author Deepak Chopra and leading Menas Kafatos reveal life-changing secret: we inhabit a conscious universe, one that responds to how we think and fest. They argue that science must adopt new methods to answer the biggest and most baffling riddles in science today. Their answers present a bold new understanding of who we are and how we can reach our greatest potential.

Now, while I enjoy interesting facts as much as the next person does and I find it extremely intriguing how there are so many questions in the world that still don’t have answers and will never find a conclusion; maths and science aren’t really my forte. I just scraped through them in GCSE and if I’m perfectly honest, I don’t find those subjects particularly interesting. To say we weren’t off to the best start would be an understatement.

I got to the second chapter and I stopped.

I’m not in any way saying this book isn’t good or isn’t clever because the people who wrote this book are beyond geniuses, like blows my mind. However my poor, little non science/math brain could not cope. I didn’t understand it frankly and I’m not ashamed to say that. I felt myself reading it and just no information was going in. I feel like it’s a book my mum would enjoy and find really interesting, but for me I would have to pass.

Thanks for reading my lovelies, I shall see you on my blog on Friday.

Sophie Joan xo

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