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Accidental Hereos by Danielle Steel – A heart-stopping, thriller and journey

Whilst I’m afraid of flying and the thought of a long haul flight honestly petrifies me, a book about an alleged terrorist attack is my worst nightmare. However, Danielle Steels writing has always intrigued me and so when I saw this was her new book (at the time) I had to read it.


On a beautiful May morning at New York’s JFK airport, a routine plane departs for San Fransisco. Security agent Bernice Adams finds a postcard of the Golden Gate Bridge bearing an ambiguous message. Who left the postcard behind, which flight is that person on, and what exactly does it mean? Her supervisor dismisses her concerns, but she is compelled to contact Homeland Security. As the flight takes of each of the passengers is looking forward to reaching their destination, whether it’s for a family reunion, a wedding, or a new way of life. But it emerges there’s someone on the flight planning something terrible, and these strangers’ lives entwine as they come together to help avert a tragedy at the eleventh hour. As the plane bears down on San Fransisco, the futures of these strangers will be changed forever by a handful of accidental heroes.

My thoughts

Steel has completely tapped in to the surrounding issues of today, terrorism and hijacking. Refreshing and contains numerous amounts of characters and their stories. This book left me on tender hooks the whole time, I don’t know whether thats because of my huge fear of flying though or whether I just didn’t know how this book was going to end. I think both are a very sure way of describing my anxiety for this book and the way it involves you with not only the storyline, but the individual lives of each character. Steel leaves you constantly guessing who the culprit could be and you never will guess it, because your mind will certainly change throughout. Mine sure did. I would rate this book 9/10, I just can’t give a book a 10/10 yet.

Who has read this book? What were your thoughts?

Sophie Joan xo

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