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Botanics Review

Botanics Review

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Hi my lovelies! I hope you’ve all had a fab week! Its time to relax now its Friday or go wild, do your thang! As some of you may know as you may have me on Instagram, if you don’t you should definitely go check me out here I am now a brand ambassador for Botanics UK, which I was super excited about that they reached out to me and asked as if you’ve been reading my blog you may know by now that skincare is very important to me.  I received four amazing products in their gorgeous new packaging, which I have to say is adorable. I also received a bag and a cactus which my boyfriend is going to have as I already have one that he bought me, so I only thought it fair he got this one. He’s obsessed with cactuses!

The four products that I received were the ‘All Bright Radiance Balm‘, ‘All Bright Micellar Cleansing Solution 3 in 1‘, ‘Organic Rosewater Toning Spritz‘ and the ‘Organic Hydrating Day Cream‘. All which I’ve been loving since using them. For about a week I didn’t do anything to my face to ween my skin off from the usual products I use, hell broke loose. I was breaking out and got super oily but I kept saying to myself it will be so worth it for an honest review about how these products work.
For those of you that don’t know, Botanics is completely natural and a plant-based range, which highly benefits the skin. However, I’m warning you now if you don’t like the smell of plants this may not be for you. You start smelling like your garden, but hey who’s complaining. In 2000 they established a working relationship with Royal Botanic Garden Kews, in order to identify the best plant extracts. So people, they care about where your ingredients are coming from. I’ve been using these products for a week now and here are my thoughts so far.

All Bright Radiance Balm:
I have been loving this product. Its super hydrating and gives you the most amazing glow. I haven’t been wearing any makeup recently to really give my skin a break and I can honestly say this cream on its own looks gorgeous. You can also use it as a primer, so if you have super dry skin this will 100% be for you. It gives you that glowy, dewy look which some people instantly reach for. For £7.99 this brand is so affordable.

All Bright Micellar Cleansing Solution 3 in 1:
I never normally reach for a cleansing product that isn’t a cream, as you all know if you read my blog I swear by the Dermalogica Cleansing Solution, which I wrote about in my  Skincare Routine review. However, I have been enjoying this one on my skin. It is water based and its so gentle on your skin so no irritation. I use this morning and night and honestly I can see my skin getting brighter. My skin was quite dull before where I had always used drying products back when I had acne, so for me I can really see a difference. For £5.49 I mean you can’t go wrong.

Organic Rosewater Toning Spritz:
I love the smell of rosewater, I don’t know what it is about it but it’s so refreshing. Its meant to help with redness which I suffer quite badly from on my face and finally somethings working. My redness has gone down a lot, of course everyone goes a bit red when doing your skincare routine but hell for once my skin is agreeing with a product. Its super hydrating on the skin and gives you that extra boost of moisture, before putting on a mosituriser. For £7.99 this brand is doing everything right.

Organic Hydrating Day Cream:
I have to say that this is the product out of all of them that you can really smell those plant extracts coming through. As soon as I applied this to my face I was hit with the smell of strong plant extracts. This is such a hydrating cream though. I would definitely recommend this to people with dry skin. However, I don’t know whether it’s just because I have oily/combination skin or the fact that I’ve been using a serum from Skinkissed, (which I will be doing a blog about) underneath the cream but by the end of the day I am super oily and my face feels really greasy. For now, I’ve stopped using this on top of the serum and the oiliness has seemed to die down. I can’t say for certain it was the hydrating cream or the combination of the two, but my skin did not like that. This is the most expensive one at £9.99, but hey this brand is so affordable and amazing for your skin.

I will be doing an update in another two weeks about how my skin is looking. If your interested in any of these products you can find them in Boots, to get discount off you can use my code BOTANICS2.

Thanks for reading,

Sophie Joan x


  1. August 29, 2017 / 2:20 pm

    I love the smell of plants so these sound great! The products sound amazing and congratulations on being a brand ambassador, that’s so cool!
    Lon x

  2. August 30, 2017 / 3:58 pm

    I’ve heard a lot about this brand recently, so I really need to give it a try myself soon x

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