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Being a part of Dermalogica

Being a part of Dermalogica

Hello, so if you’ve been following me for a while on Instagram ( if you are not my insta is _sophiepjx ) or even on my blog then you will know I am a massive fan of the skincare brand Dermalogica. So the story goes, I used to have really bad acne as a kid, I got bullied for it and it got me really low. I tried everything, even creams from the doctors. However, my skin for whatever reason will work with a product and after a while will just stop working. I don’t know why, but that was my life for a very long time. However, Dermalogica saved my life. I found their products through a lovely lady at my local beauty salon and since then I have used nothing since. I know now what works with my skin and what doesn’t. So here we go girls and boys, lets dive in to the juicy bits. 

Dermalogica kindly sent me a message on Instagram asking me, little me, to be a part of their skinfluencer programme which as you may of realised I was over the moon by. About a few days later I received a parcel full of goodies which you can see below. I haven’t yet tried the primer they sent me as I’ve currently been testing out a primer from Estee Lauder however, lets get on to my views on the products I’ve been trying for a few weeks now.

Pre Cleanse

I thought this wouldn’t work for my skin as its oil based and even though I have combination skin, oils are something I tend to avoid using on my face. This product is very clever though, it breaks down layers of excess oil, impurities, makeup and pollutants on your skin. I’ve always known to cleanse twice but I tend to normally just use micellar water to take my makeup off. Cleansing twice though means the second time around the cleanser can really absorb in to your skin instead of just lying on top of the skin. Its much better for you and gives you a deeper cleanse. I have been loving this product and its even kept my oily t zone under better control.

Daily Microfoliant

I have had my eye on this product for a while so I was super excited when I saw it arrive in my parcel. I love a good exfoliant that makes my skin feel squeaky clean, as I hate when my face feels all clogged and greasy. My skin is quite sensitive so I was pleased to know this was a gentle exfoliant, as some exfoliators I’ve tried have made my skin really red and sore. Its a rice based powder which I found really weird at first but as soon as you add water it turns in to the exfoliant which contains Salicylic Acid which has become very popular in the skincare world.

Skin Smoothing Cream

I find it really tricky to find creams that suit my skin well, due to the fact that if a cream is too rich or thick my skin does tend to react with breakouts. This is a medium weight moisturiser, which I was pleased about cause this makes my skin feel so smooth and hydrated without having the worry of whether I’m going to break out or not. I also use multi-active toner which pairs really well with this product as it makes the cream absorb deeper in to your skin.

They also did send me the special cleansing solution, but I tried that back when I had acne and it just didn’t work for my skin. Although, I do use their cleanser, essential cleansing solution, which I have used for years and loved. I have had a few breakouts on my skin recently, but I personally think thats down to stress in my life and the weather. These products have helped keep those breakouts under control. I would 100% recommend Dermalogica and you know I’m not just saying that cause I’m there number one fan.

As always, thanks for reading

Sophie Joan xo


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