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Scent Addict Subscription Service

I love perfume as much as the next girl does. Guys love aftershave, its a fact. Fragrance subscription services have become popular in the industry and whilst I’ve had my fair share of beauty boxes, I’ve never indulged in a fragrance box. Whilst this is a sponsored post as Scent Addict so kindly sent me their brand of the month, all opinions as always are completely my own and honest. This is actually quite a coincidental story as to how I found out about Scent Addict to how they then emailed me to receive their latest brand of the month ‘Salvatore Ferragamo’. Don’t worry I tried several times at pronouncing this and failed at saying it too.

So, you’re all probably wondering whats the story behind this collaboration. Well, I was in Brighton with my boyfriend I think it was just before Christmas and I had recently run out of perfume. My worst nightmare, I don’t go anywhere without perfume in my handbag. I don’t know why, I don’t excessively smell (I promise), nothing like that, its just a habit. So, I was in the fragrance shop and this lovely lady was helping me out and giving me testers of all the new perfume. I fell in love with Good Girl by Carolina Herrera but funnily enough I didn’t fall in love with the £70 price tag. (slowly have a panic attack and recede from the shop). However, then this lovely lady told me about their new subscription service Scent Addict. You know me, I was intrigued by anything NEW.

Scent Addict is a £12 subscription service and every month you get a 8ml perfume sample which lasts up to 30 days of your chosen perfume. They have every perfume you could possibly imagine. Of course, I subscribed. However, due to financial issues I had to cancel my subscription and then to evoke my sadness even more my sample of Good Girl perfume rung out (queue the violins). I was left with no perfume and my nightmare began. THEN I GOT AN EMAIL. Scent Addict emailed to say they had started to celebrate brand of the month and the fragrance in which no one can say, Salvatore Ferragamo was Januarys.


The summary of the perfume goes like this. ‘Representing the younger generation (thats me) the Amor Ferragamo woman is a free-spirit who is ready to seize any opportunity that the world offers her. Full of explosive personality, the fragrance opens with tempting notes of Campari, black currant (fruity, I like) and rosemary before giving way to a heart of light and feminine jasmine sambac, rhubarb and mate absolute. In the dry-down, a feminine veil of creamy sandalwood, sweet Tahitian vanilla and delicate ambroxan emerges to round out this unconventional and daring perfume.’ I’ve never heard any perfume described so intricately but I have to take my hats off to the fragrance shop, they done good.

My thoughts

Anyone who knows me or has read my blog or even followed me on Instagram will know I prefer fruity perfumes over floral. This perfume (I’m not writing out the name we all cannot say again) is my kind of perfume down to a T. It smells insane, I thought I had found my all time favourite perfume in Good Girl, but this perfume has me questioning my own self (no product has ever done that). I can certainly say whether you buy a new perfume or take your chances at this subscription service, this perfume has to be at the top of your list as first perfume to try. Oh, I forgot to mention as well if you want to buy the bigger size of a bottle the £12 subscription fee comes off the total price. BARGAIN!

Sophie Joan xo

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