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Sportfx cosmetics review

Sportfx cosmetics review

Hi everyone! So I hope your weekend was amazing as mine. Shopping, nails done, out for lunch at Wagamamas (chicken katsu curry is my favourite) and a relaxing Sunday with my boyfriend. Let me know in the comments what you’ve been up to.

So today I’m here to talk about Sportfx cosmetics. They kindly sent me a bag full of freebies and I was so excited to try them. Sportfx is a high performance, dual-purpose makeup and skin care range. I really wanted to work with them as I am all about confidence within yourself and giving the support to women to help them feel that their confidence is increasing. Although their makeup is designed for women on the go, I would say if you’re a fan of natural looking makeup this is for you. For me I differ from natural looking makeup to a full face of makeup but without looking like I have any on, cause who wants to look like a bright orange cake. (Am I right girls?) Packed with Vitamin E and SPF these products are amazing for your skin, which I love because skin care is so important to me. So here we go…

First we have there cool down primer and recovery gel. I was super intrigued to test this product as I had seen Connie Simmonds rave about it on her Instagram. Infused with Aloe Vera which is a miracle to your skin, its meant to calm redness and soothe your skin. I have to say it was a very weird sensation, because it’s a cooling primer I got this almost tingling sensation on my face. However, I continue to use it as it did keep me cool throughout the day. I struggle with red areas on my face and although it didn’t cover my redness it did calm it a lot. So overall, for £9.99 I would definitely recommend this product.

BB creams are so popular at the moment. Who wants to wear a full face of foundation in hot weather. Not me. I loved this product, it’s so lightweight and just gives me that little bit of coverage that I’m comfortable with. I do have acne scarring and a few breakouts now and then so personally for me sometimes I want that extra coverage. However, I can go days without makeup (shock horror I know) but its so good for your skin to let it breathe. With this BB cream my skin looked radiant and natural and it didn’t feel like I had anything on my face. This product is £12.99.

I love my concealers, on a good skin day whack this on my red areas and I am good to go. It’s my saviour, so any concealer I am always very excited to try. I have to say I’m not a fan of cushion applicators, but hey that’s just me, you might love them. I do have to say that after applying this concealer, the brush was covered with concealer. Gross. This concealer wasn’t my favourite concealer I’ve ever tried. This was meant to brighten my under eyes, but nothing compares to my Bourjois radiance reveal concealer. I’m yet to try the new Benefit brightening concealer but I bought it at the weekend so review coming on that soon! Overall, I wasn’t that impressed, I have better concealers to cover blemishes and for £8.99 it wasn’t for me.


Now when this said it was waterproof and was meant to last 8 hours I was sceptical. Frankly I am always sceptical about waterproof mascaras. But, OMG, this mascara not only didn’t smudge but it would not come off. As much as I tried and tried I just kept getting worse panda eyes the more I scrubbed. For £9 this isn’t bad especially if you’re looking for an amazing waterproof mascara, but for me I am sticking with my usual mascara. Can’t be dealing with panda eyes, sorry!

The powder and bronzer duo surprised me both in good ways and bad. I am a big fan of translucent powders, I hate when you’ve found the perfect foundation for your skin tone and then a colour powder ruins it. Even though this powder had colour to it, it did leave a matte finish. Although I wouldn’t use it I would definitely recommend for people with oily skin. Now the bronzer was a good surprise, it was so nice. Not only was the colour nice, but the pigmentation was insane. One sweep of the brush on the bronzer and you are bronzed for days. For £14.99 I wish the bronzer came separately.

I bloody love this product. Not only does it soften and moisture my lips, but it smells amazing! (Raspberry Rhubarb!!) Its super tiny and so easy to fit in your handbag, which I’m super happy about because I can now carry it with me everywhere. I now use it every day! Was very impressed for £4.99.

They also gave me their double time buffer and powder brush duo. So soft. Like omg, I was shocked. The buffer brush was really nice and applied the BB cream really nicely. The powder brush was too, although I do love my powder brush to be bigger so it sweeps over the face more precisely. I’m just too picky! For £10.99 it isn’t bad at all.
They also did send me an eyeliner, but I don’t really use eyeliner unless I wear false eyelashes and then I line my upper lash to make it more bold and fill in any unwanted gaps. They also sent me an eyebrow pencil with a slanted tip, applies really nicely and the colour actually really suited me. The only reason I didn’t take pictures of them was because they were too small. Overall, I was impressed with their brand, I liked other products more than some but this is a really affordable, likeable brand. I love their value and meaning behind what they do!

Thanks for reading!

Sophie Joan x


  1. July 11, 2017 / 11:15 am

    Nice blog! I followed you on Instagram and Twitter too x

  2. Karen
    July 20, 2017 / 5:29 pm

    Loving the blogs! Good to see Bob made an appearance! 😉

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