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So, we all love Primark right? Well guess again.

We may like Primark, but our boyfriends/partners/husbands dread the journey to the shop. They know whats coming. The common phrase “I’ll only be a minute”. Boy were we wrong. Its like Primark air has a drug in it. You breathe it in and you are drawn to that shop for a good two to three hours. Your aimlessly walking around the shop picking everything up in sight because who doesn’t love a bargain, whilst our poor boyfriends are looking like a tired, lost puppy. Not once do we think they may be right, that for once we have been in Primark for hours. Oh no, “stop moaning, we haven’t been here that long” is the phrase we tell our boyfriends that we actually believe ourselves. We believe that up until were at the till with a mountain of clothes and we look at the time and think “boy, is that the time”. Your boyfriend looks at you with the ‘I told you so’ eyes and you just shrug it off cause hey you got a ton of new clothes. Secretly, we all feel a bit sorry for dragging them round, making them be your personal coat hanger and then getting them to hold the almighty bag of bargains. Does that stop us from doing it again. Hell no.

Thankfully this time around my boyfriend wasn’t with me on my trip to Primark. I have to say I have never witnessed British people scramble over clothes like they did that day. I hasten to add I had completely forgotten it was pay-day, everyone was going mad for Primark. It was like a hot, sweaty, messy, jungle, which is never idle for trying on clothes. This is another thing that I have to say really baffles me and 100% gets on my tits. Queue jumpers. There were these two ladies in front of me and my mum and then this other lady apologised to them, yet still queue jumped! WHAT?! Not only did she queue jump but she apologised before. I couldn’t help but laugh, some people just think they are so much better than others. Somehow though, we have to let them get on with it because people like that just aren’t worth our time.

So I have to say after the mad journey of Primark I actually came away with a few nice things. Everyone’s been raving about Primark makeup. I was so sceptical, I thought how could something be so cheap, yet so good. I just couldn’t get it past my head and to think of all the crap that goes in to them. I love my skin care and have been trying for years to get my skin to a good level and I wasn’t about to mess that up. No. So, I went in and tried the eyeshadows (I love eyeshadows) and I have to say for £4.50 they weren’t that bad. The pigmentation was okay not amazing, but I really liked the colours. The only thing I would say that was bad, was there was a lot of product left underneath my eyes (thank god I did my eyes before my foundation) but hey what do you expect for £4.50. I also picked up a lip crayon and I was shocked. It was so creamy and such a nice colour, it lasted ages and I actually would recommend it. Overall, Primark you didn’t do bad.

Thanks for reading!

Sophie Joan x

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