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Blanx Review

Blanx Review

I was kindly sent Blanx new whitening toothpaste edition. I have always been intrigued by whitening products, but never thought to purchase them myself as I have quite sensitive teeth as it is so I don’t necessarily want to add to that. However, with the statement that it doesn’t affect sensitivity I thought I would give it a go. 

What Is Blanx

Blanx is a unique teeth whitening toothpaste that doesn’t use the more common ingredients found in many whitening products, instead it uses Arctic Lichen as its main component. This was discovered by accident during research carried out in the Arctic by US Scientists. They noticed that the native people all chewed or rubbed their teeth with the lichen, and that they all had healthy, clean teeth.The lichen was brough back to the States for further research and after trials, the effective component of the lichen was identified, isolated and is now used in Blanx. Blanx is the only brand to use artic lichen and I feel after this the only brand that will use it.


Overall, this toothpaste is fantastic for giving you a minty, fresh breath to kill all that dirty bacteria that makes you feel like you wake up with Shreks breath every morning. However, I used this for three weeks straight and not once did I see an improvement to the whiteness of my teeth. Although it did not cause sensitivity it didn’t do the job it said it does on the packaging. A massive disappointment as I really wanted these products to work. For good breath though, this is the product to go to haha.

As always thanks for reading and see you on Thursday for the fashion trends I hate.

Sophie Joan xo

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