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Beauty trends I hate

Beauty trends I hate

Whilst the world is full of beautiful things that intrigue and amaze me, there are many things out there I wish didn’t exist. Particular beauty trends are one of them. I am a massive fan of everything beauty as we all know but there are just some things I can’t understand, let alone explain. These are just a few that puzzle my mind. 



Most girls love going to the salon and getting their nails done. For me, if I had the money and work would let me haha I would be wearing acrylics 24/7. I love them and I love all the different colours and designs you can get every time you go. What I can’t stand sometimes is when you first have them and you feel like everything is impossible to pick up. So. How in the hell do people get these?! CORKSCREW NAILS. I read an article and it actually stated that they are really handy for when you want to open a bottle of wine. I’m sorry what. I’m not sure what planet these come from or if they can even account to being a human form of nail. What I do know for a fact is that these are not art and I will not be using someones curly fried nail to open my wine. Hell to the no.


To all girls that feel like they look ill when they wear no mascara let alone makeup and just nod and agree to people’s comments whilst biting their tongue because you’ve heard a million times in the day ‘is everything okay you look quite ill’. Well these are not for you, they certainly aren’t for me. NUDE EYELASHES. They be looking like you have conjunctivitis, I mean I’m all about creativity (I’m a photography student for christ sake) but these make you look like your 50% transparent. I just don’t understand them, I cant explain the beauty or the fashion behind why they are a thing.


I love my eyebrows, they are a part of my face that I cherish the most. Never again will I be plucking them to death, I tidy them up or a professional sees to these bad boys. Eyebrows are always a massive beauty statement and quite a lot of people talk about the importance of them. I mean can you imagine what you would look like without eyebrows. However, over the years there have been some very peculiar looking statement eyebrows, one of them being, FEATHER EYEBROWS. Not only does this trend give me chronic anxiety because all the hairs are not in place and it looks like you’ve been pulled through a hedge backwards, but the separation line between top brow and bottom brow are not a thing. Eyebrow is a one man show, we don’t need four different parts to be dealing with. Two is hard enough! 

I want to know what you all think is the worst beauty trend to date in the comments below. Thank you for reading and I’ll see you on Wednesday for my Rimmel Lasting Perfection Foundation review.

Sophie Joan xo

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