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Accessorise and monsoon do perfumes?!

Accessorise and monsoon do perfumes?!

Hello my lovelies! The weather has been awful this week, think we are getting the storms back end! My heart honestly goes out to all those people who have lost homes and even their lives. I can’t even begin to imagine the pain they are going through.¬†
Today I’m here to talk about perfumes. I never knew Accessorise and Monsoon did perfume until Sparkle PR sent me these gorgeous scents. The Accessorise perfume came in a gorgeous summery, bright pink box which made me sad that summer is nearly over. However, I’m so excited for autumn! Big jumpers, hot chocolate and candles! (Even though my landlord won’t let me have them) cry!

Anyway I’m getting off subject. I have to say the packaging on this perfume is gorgeous. A flower design is situated in the lid, with a pink stem! Can you tell I was loving the pink theme! Eek! The scent is gorgeous! I love my fruity scents, if you’ve ever tried Beyonc√© Heat perfume that’s the scent for me. This Accessorise perfume is damn right fruity, I love it!! So does my boyfriend so 100% approved! Would definitely recommend if you love fruity fragrances.

The Monsoon perfume on the other hand is a floral scent. I do not mind but sometimes I find floral scents smell like an old people’s home. I mean no offence to old people but please tell me you get what I mean aha! The packaging is very elegant with a peach colouring and a plain white box. Very sophisticated as I always find Monsoon is.

Thanks for reading,

Sophie Joan x

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  1. September 16, 2017 / 4:59 pm

    The bottles are absolutely gorg omg I definitely need to try this!!

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