Hello! I’m Sophie, 20 year old Portsmouth girl, blogging about beauty, fashion and lifestyle. I created my blog featuring around all things beauty, sharing my lifestyle and life experiences with you in order to inspire and become more personal with my readers. My online blog was created a year ago now and boy time has flown by. I have had amazing experiences so far with the blogging community, I am so grateful for every opportunity I get. It honestly means the world to me to do the things I love all in one.

I am currently working on a series where I’ll be interviewing bloggers, photographers, models, graphic designers, fashion designers, beauty therapists and hairdressers, whether they are student or professional. I want to explore and engage my audience with not only my work but the amazing work of others too. It is so important to support one another, to learn off each other and hopefully with this series that will be recognised more by society.

I hope whoever reads my blog enjoys my writing as much as I love working on it. Thank you for taking the time to explore my blog.


Sophie Joan x